Lab based Sleep Studies

If Dr. Kagzi suspects sleep apnea, he will likely order a sleep study. A sleep study tracks and records body functions while you sleep including your brain waves, breathing pattern, heart rate and oxygen level. This can show how well you’re breathing during sleep. The study is done overnight in a sleep lab at Midwest Sleep Institute. The results of this study will help Dr. Kagzi diagnose your problem and plan your treatment.

In a sleep clinic:

If you spend a night in Midwest Sleep Institute, you will have a private bedroom. A technician will attach many sensors to your body, then go into another room. As you sleep, your heart rate, breathing, oxygen level, and other functions will be tracked. A microphone and video camera will record your breathing sounds and body movements. The technician will keep watch nearby. You may be given an air pressure device to see if it improves your breathing.


Follow the instructions that Midwest Sleep Institute gives you to prepare for your sleep study. to help your study go smoothly:

    • Bathe and wash your hair before the sleep study. don’t use lotions, oils, or makeup on your skin.
    • Ask if you should do anything differently before the study. Otherwise, stick to your normal routine.
    • Bring your pillow, sleepwear, something to read, and anything else that will help you sleep.


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