Sleep Study

Why you need a sleep study?

The all-night sleep study is frequently used by sleep physicians to evaluate patients when they are sleeping. This laboratory test is extremely valuable for diagnosing and treating many sleep disorders, including neurological disorders, movement disorders and breathing disorders at night. All-night sleep studies (also called polysomnography) are ordered by Midwest Sleep Institute and are performed in the sleep laboratory.

How are the sleep studies performed

The sleep laboratory is located in Gurnee, IL (map). Patients come to the laboratory between 9 and 9:30 p.m. on the appointed day. There they meet with a sleep technologist, who will explain and perform the study. The sleeping rooms are comfortable, home-like rooms with normal (not hospital) beds. Each room has a television.

Preparation for the study

    1. Please shower before coming into the lab. Shampoo your hair. Do not use hair spray,mousse, etc. in your hair. Ladies please remove all makeup and fingernail polish. Please let the technician be aware of braids, extensions, and hairpieces.
    2. Please rise at your usual time, the day of the test. No naps during the day. For those who work third shift, please contact the sleep lab ahead of time so that arrangements can be made to accommodate your sleep schedule.
    3. Please eat supper before reporting to the sleep lab. Avoid spicy foods if they tend to bother you. You may bring a snack from home.
    4. Bring your usual sleeping attire. You must wear at least under garments. Please bring your personal necessities, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. You may bring your own pillow if you prefer. Children may bring a favorite stuffed animal. You may bring a book to read or a movie to watch. Their will be a television, VCR, and a fan in the bedroom. Please no silk wear!
    5. We ask that friends/ family members not remain in the sleep lab. Overnight arrangements can be made for long distance spouses that drive the patient or for parents of young children.
    6. You will be getting up at 5:00 a.m. If you like, you may wash up in the bathroom, but there is no shower.
    7. Please take all prescription medications as indicated by your physician. Please let the sleep lab know if you take any sleeping aids.
    8. If you are 30 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you may be rescheduled. If you are going to be late, please call the sleep lab. There will be a fee of $50.00 for no cancellations.
    9. Please call 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep your appointment.

Monitoring Process

The technologist monitors the patient’s sleep and general condition. Any problems with the study may be easily dealt with. Patients may easily call the technologist if there is a problem as well.

Patients generally get out from the study around 6:30 to 7 in the morning. However, if an earlier wake-up is needed, the patient just needs to let the technologist know.

After The Study

Once the sleep study is completed, it is scored by a scoring technologist and sent to Midwest Sleep Institute for interpretation. This entire process takes 2 –3 days. Dr. Kagzi will then call the patient and the physician and inform them of the results and an appropriate follow up is arranged.

Sleep studies are generally easy to tolerate, comfortable for patients, and give the sleep physician the information they needs to accurately diagnose and treat the sleep disorder.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 847-855-9700.

Quality Counts

We take pride in ensuring our patients get the get the best of care. Dr. Kagzi personally sits down with the patients and explains to them the underlying causes of the disease. He will explore the treatment options with the patient and help them choose the most effective treatment.

If Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment (CPAP) is prescribed, our staff will show the patients how to use the machine and its cleaning procedure and provide the machine from our clinic if patients desired to do so.

We use latest technology to track patent’s compliance and address any issues preemptively. We keep a close contact with the referring physician to ensure the continuity of care.

Our staff checks patient’s insurance policy and educate them on their benefits and help them get the pre-approval.


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