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Midwest Sleep and Wellness Clinical Rotation

My experience as a PA student at Midwest Sleep and Wellness was exceptional. Internel Medicine was my first clinical rotation, and Dr. kagzi was very patient with me and always took the time to explain medical conditions and answer all my question. I was able to interact with a lot of patients, taking history, and perform physical exam. After presenting and discussing the patient with Dr. kagzi, we would see the patient together. Dr. kagzi allowed me to write my patient notes ,which he would review with me and provide feedback. Dr. kagzi has many international physicians doing an internal medicine rotation with him via zoom meetings this allows students in the US to interact and learn form physicians from other countries .The Midwest Sleep and Wellness staff is very friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome and an essential part of the team thank you for a tremendous clinical rotation.

Cesar Feijoo,PA-S2
Best regards,

Cesar Feijoo